Fleming awarded Honda Shing fellowship

Scott Fleming, a computer science PhD student, has been awarded the Honda Shing Endowed Scholarship / Fellowship in Computer Science.

Scott Fleming
Scott Fleming

Fleming is a member of the Software Engineering and Network Systems Laboratory. His advisor is Dr. Kurt Stirewalt.

Fleming's research strives to understand and address the challenges involved in maintaining concurrent software.

His work on the Szumo project investigated how synchronization contracts could be used to simplify the development and maintenance of multi-threaded, object-oriented programs.

His more recent work on the Copse project combines techniques from computer science and psychology to understand how successful developers maintain concurrent software and to design methods and tools that promote success.

Fleming has served as a representative on five different department committees and has been an exceptional advocate for student involvement through his work as a founding representative of the CSE Graduate Association (CSEGA).

He has also served on organizing committees for the 2007 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering and the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC).

Prior to joining MSU, Fleming worked as a computer science instructor at Western Michigan University. His MSU teaching record includes object-oriented software design.

Fleming will receive his PhD in computer science in May, 2009.

The Honda Shing Endowed Scholarship / Fellowship in Computer Science was established in 2008 to support promising full-time students who are majoring in computer science.

Please visit the Honda Shing Endowed Scholarship / Fellowship Web page to learn more about Dr. Honda Shing.

(Date Posted: 2009-05-05)