Research collaboration advances biometric research at MSU

Cogent Systems, one of the largest providers of biometric identification systems in the world, recently donated $50,000 as a gift to MSU to be used by Anil Jain, University Distinguished Professor in the departments of computer science and engineering (CSE) and electrical and computer engineering (ECE), and his research group to support biometrics research. Cogent plans to give this gift annually for two additional years.

Anil Jain

Anil Jain

"Cogent is particularly impressed with our ongoing work in latent fingerprint matching that is similar to what is seen on the CSI television drama," says Jain, whose work in this area is supported by the National Institute of Justice and the Army Research Office. In addition to the generous donation, Cogent also has hired Soweon Yoon, a CSE PhD student, as a 2009 summer intern.

The Cogent Automated Palm Print/Fingerprint Identification System enables customers to capture fingerprint and palm print images electronically, encode prints into searchable files, and accurately compare a set of fingerprints/palm prints to a database containing potentially millions of prints in seconds. Cogent's product line also includes Web applications, LiveScan devices, and mobile hand-held devices that capture and search multiple biometrics including facial and iris images.

"Ming Hsieh, Cogent's CEO and founder, has long made it a priority to support biometric research within the academic community," says Tom Hopper, chief technology officer for Cogent. "Professor Jain and his research team have consistently provided innovation and leadership in this area, so it is natural that Ming would want to help support MSU. We look forward to seeing where their investigations take them in the future."

Jain is enthusiastic about the possibilities for advancing this research. "Latent fingerprint matching is an exciting area of research, not only because of the intellectual challenge it poses in pattern recognition and image processing research, but also because an accurate matching system will help identify suspects and victims in criminal investigations," says Jain. "This gift from Cogent will allow me to hire additional students and a postdoc to work in this area."

Source: MSU College of Engineering

(Date Posted: 2013-10-29)