Call for Nominations: CSE Student Representatives in Governance for 2009-2010

The Michigan State University Department of Computer Science and Engineering is seeking nominations for student representatives to serve on the following committees:
  • CSE Department Meetings
  • Advisory Committee
  • Computing Environment Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Graduate Studies and Research Committee
CSE STUDENTS: please make nominations by filling in the NOMINATION FORM below and delivering it before 5PM Friday, April 10. You may

  • e-mail the completed form to Dr. George Stockman ( with the subject line "Nomination for 2009-2010 student representatives" or

  • deliver it on paper to room 3115E.

    • Self-nominations (volunteers) are encouraged. Voting will be held the week of April 13 after nominees agree to be on the ballot. Look at the CSE home page the week of April 13 for voting instructions.

      PLEASE VOTE whether or not you nominate anyone. CSE needs student input.

      See CSE Bylaws on CSE web pages. (CSE Bylaws, Appendix B: Election of Student Representatives )

      1. To be a on a CSE committee or to vote for someone, you must be a CSE declared major.

      2. You must be (a) an undergraduate, or (b) a graduate student because student positions depend on this status.

      3. Except in special circumstances, student participation in governance is the same as faculty and staff.

      4. Nominations are due by 5:00 PM Friday, April 10, 2009.

      5. Overall election is valid if and only if 10% participation is shown in the voting (10% of majors vote).

      Nomination Form [Word file] [PDF]

      (Date Posted: 2009-04-06)