Wed, Feb 18 - Downtime for research servers - Updated

Update: The electrical work was not able to be completed in the original expected time frame. The new update is early afternoon Thursday. CSE is still running on half power with research servers turned off. You may notice the web server having problems. The unreachable mounts due to research down is causing havoc on the machine. We are keeping an eye on it and restart as needed.
This is a reminder that the HPCC power unit installation will result in electrical downtime for the following research machines:
entropy file server, dminer and all nfs shares, planetlab1, planetlab2, and acm.

It is expected to take a full day. Power will be turned off at 6AM this Wed. If power if stable Thursday morning, they will be brought up by 8am Thursday morning.

(Date Posted: 2009-04-15)