Student Representatives Elected

The following students have been elected or appointed to serve on committees for the 2008-2009 academic year:

CSE Advisory Committee
Undergraduate Representative: Vacant
Graduate Representative: Jeff Clune

CSE Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Undergraduate Representative: Brian Beck

CSE Computing Environment Committee
Undergraduate Representative: Vacant
Graduate Representative: Annette Lettsome

CSE Graduate Studies and Research Committee
Graduate Representative: Guokai Zeng

CSE Department Meetings
Undergraduate Representative: Dinesh Banda
Graduate Representative: Yi Huang

Engineering Computing Services Advisory Committee
Graduate Representative: Kayra Hopkins

College Hearing Board
Undergraduate Representative: Andrew Gerber
Graduate Representative: Jeff Clune

The student representatives on these committees perform important services for both their fellow students and for the department. Their primary duties are to represent students’ perspectives and interests at meetings and to keep students informed of deliberations that go into policies that affect students and CSE programs.

Thank you to Ryan Blair for running online voting, Linda Moore for clerical and communications support, and the Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Student Association (CSEGA) for promoting the elections and encouraging students to participate.

Scott Fleming, Keith Barber, Derek Gebhard, John Hettinger, Brian Connelly, Richard Schultz, Sherri Goings, Art Covert, and Matt Rupp were student representatives on CSE, College, and University committees during the 2007-2008 academic year. Their service to the MSU community is greatly appreciated.

(Date Posted: 2008-05-08)