CSE student organizations promote leadership

CSE student groups MSU Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), MSU Women In Computing (WIC), Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Student Association (CSEGA), and other related organizations, such as Spartasoft and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) provide MSU students with opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills and to form lasting friendships.

Thank you to all the student group members, officers, and advisors who have made 2007-2008 a great year!

ACM has long sponsored a wide variety of activities, from video game contests to weekly faculty/student doughnut hours. Activities this year included a Super Smash Brothers tournament, technical talks, peer tutoring, and social activities.

Thank you to ACM advisor Ryan Blair, dedicated members, and outgoing ACM officers Colin Nemchik (President), Tom Lavoy (Vice President), Mark Schall (Treasurer), Tom Castellani (Public Relations), Ben Split (SEC Rep), and Stephanie Cook (Secretary).

Congratulations to the students elected to lead ACM for the coming year:

President - Stephen Wakeford
Vice President - Mark Schall
Treasurer - Andy Inman
Secretary - Gina Chernoby

WIC activities this year included hosting industry speakers, social activities, and a programming workshop for the Girl Scouts of America.

Thank you to WIC advisor Teresa VanderSloot, dedicated members, and outgoing WIC officers Stephanie Cook (President), Kirsten Partyka (Vice President), Gina Chernoby (Webmaster), Stephanie Ortiz (Secretary), Meghan McNeil (Treasurer).

Congratulations to the students elected to lead WIC for the coming year:

President - Gina Chernoby
Vice President - Stephanie Ortiz
Treasurer - Meghan Mcneil
Secretary - Marie Buckner
Webmaster - Dianna Kay

CSEGA promotes leadership, support, and social fellowship in the CSE graduate student community. This year’s activities included organizing a CSE sports league, meetings to keep graduate students informed of activities and news in the department, updating department photo boards, and assisting with elections for student representatives to department committees.

Thank you to all the graduate students who served on department, college, and university committees this year, and thank you to all the CSEGA lab liaisons.

Graduate Student Representatives
Department Meetings: Sherri Goings
Advisory Committee: Scott Fleming
Graduate Studies and Research Committee: Brian Connelly
Computing Environment Committee: John Hettinger
Council of Graduate Students (COGS): Matt Rupp
Graduate Employees Union (GEU): Art Covert
Engineering Research and Graduate Studies Committee: Laura Grabowski

Lab Liasons
Algorithms: Chad Meiners
Devolab: Art Covert
EI: Paul Cornwell
eLANS: Yuanteng Pei (a.k.a. Jeff)
GARAGe: Loretta Macklem
LINKS: Zahar Prasov
PRIP: Steve Krawczyk
SENS: Amir Khakpour

(Date Posted: 2008-04-24)