CSE seniors deliver impressive results

The CSE seniors in the spring 2007 Collaborative Design Course (CSE 498) are to be commended for delivering impressive results to external clients. The capstone course requires students to draw upon their cumulative knowledge and complementary skill sets as they design a project from initial customer requirements to final product.

Thank you to the spring 2007 capstone clients, Accident Fund, Auto-Owners Insurance, Boeing, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, General Motors, IBM, MSU College of Human Medicine, Microsoft, Motorola, and TechSmith, who provided capstone course teams with valuable hands-on, real-world learning experiences.

CSE 498 Collaborative Design Project Videos – Spring 2007

Team 1. Accident Fund
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Web Portal for a SmartPhone

Team 2. Auto-Owners Insurance
Education and Training Web Portal via Web Services

Team 3. Boeing
Viz Sim Tool 2007

Team 4. DaimlerChrysler
GPS/Cellular-Based DaimlerChrysler Transport Driver Performance System

Team 5. Ford
Automotive Web Services On-the-Go

Team 6. General Motors
Next Gen People Finder

Team 7. IBM
An Eclipse/RAD Plug-in for Generating Structure Validation Documents

Team 8. MSU College of Human Medicine
Tracking System for Biological Samples in Cold Storage

Team 9. Microsoft
Two PowerToys for Peer-to-Peer Applications

Team 10. Motorola
Agent Framework for Remote Management of Devices

Team 11. TechSmith
Screen Capture Multi-Image Output Accessory for SnagIt

(Date Posted: 2007-05-01)