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Automotive Paint Defect Analysis

---- Team 2

Project Background

In automotive manufacturing, the exterior of a vehicle must not contain flaws or imperfections in the paint and finish (consumers purchasing a new vehicle expect a flawless finish). When defects are detected, they are corrected on the assembly line. Analysis of the types and number of defects can lead to a discovery of the cause of the defects, which can then be addressed and prevented. For example, small weld balls sometimes remain on the surface from the body shop; when these are painted over they result in bumps in the surface. These are sanded down and repainted. An increase over time of this type of defect may indicate a problem with the body shop, which can then be investigated and corrected. Likewise, in one case, an increase in yellow fibers on the paint was observed on only one side of the vehicles; this analysis led to the discovery of a cloth placed over an air vent which blew fibers onto the vehicles.

Project Description

Automat the system to eliminate the paper diagrams and automatically generate the desired reports from the entered data. The client would also like to use the system at all three of the GM plants they have cotnracts for: Lansing Delta Township, Lansing Grand River, and Lake Orion Assembly.

Key areas:

– Record presence of paint defects

– Automate production of reports

– Support analysis of data


Eric Wu

Project Manager:

- Assign tasks

- Responsible for deliverable submission

Email: wueric2@msu.edu


Declan McClintock

Project Facilitator:

- Setup and run meetings (agendas/minutes cc to Instructor/TA)

- Post minutes on website

Email: mcclin61@msu.edu


Liyang Ye

Safety/Security Engineer:

– Collate and ensure Safety and Security requirements addressed throughout RE process and SRS.

Email: yeliyang@msu.edu


Tianyi Li

Artifacts Manager:

– Configuration management

– Web master

Email: litiany4@msu.edu


Ryan Schiller

Domain Expert/Customer Liaison:

– Specialized domain knowledge

– Interface with customer

– Identification of security threats and mitigation strategy

Email: schil100@msu.edu