Automotive Paint Defect Analysis

Brief Project Background

In automotive manufacturing, the exterior of a vehicle must not contain flaws or imperfections in the pain and finish. When defects are detected, they are corrected on the assembly line. Analysis of the types and number of defects can lead to a discovery of the cause of the defects, which can then be addressed and prevented.

Brief Project Description

The industry our project is focused on is automotive manufacturing. Our client has tasked us with automating the current system of analysing the types and number of defects on the paint and finish of vehicles.


Automotive Paint Defect Analysis
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Team Roster:

Jacob Weber Picture
Jacob Weber
Project Manager
Doug Kantor Picture
Doug Kantor
Safety/Security Engineer
Ryan Mathews Picture
Ryan Mathews
Project Facilitator
Jesse Wolven Picture
Jesse Wolven
Domain Expert/Customer Liaison
Mario DiMartino Picture
Mario DiMartino
Artifacts Manager