Developed in early 2014 during Michigan State University's Game Design and Development II course, Karsenal is a fast paced battle racing game. Players have the choice of multiple maps, weapons, and aesthetics that allow a more personalized experience while ramming your enemies off cliffs.

While designing this game, a large portion of my focus was dedicated towards QA. As the game was entirely physics based and very dynamic, with the user potentially ending up just about anywhere on the map, a considerable amount of time had to be invested into finding bugs or other such problems.

Download Here!
BlindSpotBlind Spot is a turn based strategy game developed in early 2014 in which the players must not only find one another, but also determine the layout of the map itself. Armed with flares and lasers, players much make careful decisions in order to track down their opponents without revealing their own position.

During the initial design of the game, we were assigned the theme of "Elegance". Therefore, we sought to create a game that was simple and easy to understand, while still requiring considerable amounts of thought to be put in in order to do well.  As such, Blind Spot features a simple UI and control scheme, and straightforward rules.

Crazy Train Title
Crazy Train is a puzzle game in which the player turns and manipulates tracks in order to guide a train of explosives to the bank.  Players say that it's a blast!

Crazy Train was the first game developed during the second semester of Game Design at Michigan State University. Given only the themes of "Western" and "Puzzle", we aimed to create a game that could potentially appeal to a more casual audience, while still allowing some room for the overachievers. In order to do this, progression was made to be fairly simple and straightforward. In each level, however, we placed stars that would boost the player's score and increase their speed to make the game more hectic and difficult.

Upon completion, this game was pushed to the App Store (Link).

Dot Bot
.Bot (Dot-Bot) was designed and created during the final semester of the Game Design program at Michigan State University. During this semester, I had the privilege of working with Triquetra Games to create a proof of concept of the game .Bot.  Created with the goal of getting middle school girls interested in CORE studies, the game involved not only a Spore-like character creation, allowing the player to use primitives to make anything they could imagine, but also an "explore mode", where the player could use their bot to mitigate obstacles.

The end product is planned to be used as a basis on which to build a Kickstarter.