Time and Space!

Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction television show in the history of the human race about a time-traveling alien called The Doctor who flies through time and space having adventures and battling evil. How has it survived for so long while still having enough social impact to drastically alter worldwide bow-tie sales? I'm glad I pretended you asked!

Reasons Dr. Who is Better Than the Things You Like

1. Science Fiction

Which of these sound more interesting?

  • A bunch of humans talking and driving around and killing each other on Earth.
  • A bunch of aliens trying to blow up Earth and flying spaceships and shooting cyborgs with lasers.

Fun Fact! If you answered the first one, you are scientifically wrong. I'd like to make you feel better about this if you did answer the first but no one can argue with science (except for, arguably, the Doctor).

2. Adult Themes (Not the pervy kind)

While the Doctor is generally a fun-loving and eccentric character, he also occasionally does morally questionable things like committing multiple genocides. Human clones created to be workhorses in dangerous environments revolting against their creators, people's bodies being used as fuel for creating alien children, and having to decide between entire planets being either mutilated or destroyed are all plot fodder for Doctor Who.

3. Bow-Ties

They're pretty cool.

Also, that is the current Doctor, played by Matt Smith

Reasons the Doctor is a Better Moral Authority than Jesus Christ

  1. Forgiveness

    Jesus was all about forgiveness, sure. But he's got nothing on the Doctor. The Master, the Doctor's longtime arch-nemesis, once spent an entire year subverting humanity's timeline, massacreing huge portions of the human race and building weapons to wage war on the rest of the universe. Upon reversing these changes and restoring the timeline to its proper place, the Doctor, with the Master cringing at his feet, stoops down, holds him briefly, and tells him that he is forgiven. After this, the Doctor states that he intends to keep the Master with him in his time machine, as it is the only place he can stay to keep the rest of the universe safe. This is only one instance in a long history of the Doctor battling cruelty and hatred with reservation and kindness.

  2. Self-Sacrifice

    Everybody's heard the story about Jesus dying for humanity's sins, sure. But not everyone is aware that the Doctor has died not once, not twice, but TEN times (so far) in defense of the human race. You might think that these deaths are less impressive because of course he comes back after each one. But the tenth incarnation of the Doctor explicitly states "Even if I change, it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away...and I'm dead." It hurts him every time and even so, he repeatedly sacrifices his lives in defense of humans who are, by any measure, far less selfless and powerful than he.

  3. Miracles

    Jesus supposedly dide some pretty neat stuff. Turning some bread and fish into more bread and fish, water into wine, healing the sick, saving all of humanity, etc. A lot of pretty nice stuff! The Doctor on the other hand has saved the world dozens of times. He's hauled spaceships out of black holes, healed an entire hospital full of humans infected with every disease in the known universe, and saved not just humanity, but every single race in the universe on multiple occasions.

In closing, the biblical Jesus did some pretty neat stuff but by just about any measure you can think of (short of, perhaps, stone masonry) the Doctor has shown that he adheres to the doctrines espoused by Jesus rather better than the man himself.