E_FTP, a FTP Client for Windows CE


A FTP client for Windows CE

written by Esther V. V. Reed

E_FTP, Version 1.0, is a Windows Sockets FTP Client, that was written as part of my Master's Project while working towards a Master's Degree in Computer Science & Engineering at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. The executable is released into the public as freeware. If you find my program useful, let me know. I'd appreciate it!

For more information on this program, please look at 'README.TXT'.
I have compiled E_FTP, Version 1.0, for the platforms and environments listed below.
Verify your processor type and version of Windows CE to get the correct executable.

Click on the appropriate processor/CE combination to download the executable.

Windows CE 2.11 (H/PC Pro): ARM MIPS SH3 SH4
Windows CE 2.01 (PPC): MIPS SH3
Windows CE 2.00 (H/PC): MIPS SH3

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