Organ Synthesizer Component

Made by: Micheal Spreng


The Organ component is meant to synthesize the sound of a Hammond B3 Organ by
combining sinusoids. When a note is played, the sunthesizer adds together 9 sine waves,
the fundamental and 8 harmonics. The amplitude of each of these 9 since waves
are determined by the position of the 9 corresponding drawbars. The drawbars can be set
from 0 to 8, where a 0 setting indicates no sound from that sine wave is heard, and 8 is
a full amplitude for that wave.

The relevant XML tags used for the organ are as follows:
‹vibrato="0.x" tremolo="0.x"/› the amount of vibrato and tremolo as a percentage.
‹d16="8" d513="0" d8="5" d4="0" d223="2" d2="0" d135="0" d1="0"/› The settings of the nine drawbars on a scale of [0-8]

Download the Organ score.