dory.pngCSE 335 Project 1dory.png

Spencer Ottarson
Chunyang Chu
Josh Johnson

    Setup SVN Repository
    Animated Treasure Chest

1. To add a fish, click on the Add Fish menu option and choose a fish of your choice.
    - Bubbles and Nemo are predator fish, and will eat the Beta and Dory fish.
2. To add a treasure chest, click on Add Decor and then select Treasure Chest.
3. To move a fish or item in the aquarium, click on it and drag with the mouse.
4. To delete a fish or item, go to File->Trash Can.  The trash can will appear in the upper left corner.  Drag an item to the trash to delete it.
5. To count the number of Beta fish in the aquarium, go to File->Count Beta Fish.
6. To scroll around the aquarium, click the hand in the lower left corner.  When the hand is highlighted, click and drag anywhere in the aquarium to move around.

Part 2 Game
For part 2 we will make use of the predator and prey fish to create a game.  Since our group is called "Dory", we will have Dory be the main fish that the user controls.  To move the fish around, the user will click with the mouse near the fish.  Clicking near the fish will cause a short little burst in speed to make the fish "jump" forward.  Clicking closer to the fish will increase the magnitude of the little burst in speed.  The player will use this method to direct Dory around the aquarium.  The screen will scroll around the aquarium with Dory.

Objective: Treasure chests will be placed at both ends of the aquarium.  The player will have to go back and forth between the two chests as many times as possible.  Scoring will be based on the number of times the player reaches the chests.

Enemies: Other fish in the tank will be enemies.  Dory will have to avoid coming into contact with these other fish.  The game is over as soon as one of them hits Dory.  Over time, more and more enemy fish will be added to the aquarium, and their speed will increase, adding to the difficulty of the game.

When the player first starts the program, everything will be paused until the user hits a start button.  The player will have the option to pause the game at any time, as well as a menu option to restart.
There will be no "end condition" to the game, the player will simply try to get as many points as possible before dying.  Eventually, the number of enemy fish will be so high that it will be impossible for the user to go any further.