CSE435 Group 8

Project Background

In the automotive manufacturing business, vehicles may sometimes end up with flaws in the paint. These defects are corrected at the assembly line, but analysis of these defects can help discover their underlying cause. Therefore employees record defects by factors such as type, severity, and location. These records are used to create detailed reports that can be used to help detect the source of these flaws.

Project Description

Currently, the analysis of paint flaws are done completely on paper. An employee uses a paper form to record defects, and those forms are used to generate a report. The forms contain a model of the car being inspected and the employee marks the model where the defect occurred, varying the color to distinguish the type of defect.
The goal of this project is to create a system to automate the report generation and eliminate the usage of paper for the recording of defects. The system will allow users to record information about the paint defects, as well as allow them to generate reports on-demand.

Lisa Doan

Role: Project Manager

Email: doannhun@msu.edu

Phone: 616-881-6654

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Alex Besinger

Role: Project Facilitator

Email: besinge4@msu.edu

Phone: 517-402-2066

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Patrick McCormick

Role: Domain Expert/Customer Liaison

Email: mccor211@msu.edu

Phone: 248-705-7024

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Samantha Oldenburg

Role: Artifacts Manager

Email: oldenbu6@msu.edu

Phone: 248-880-2397

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Clayton Peters

Role:Safety/Security Engineer

Email: pete1129@msu.edu

Phone: 248-930-9580

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