CSE 920 Term Papers

CSE 920 includes a term paper assignment.  The term paper allows you to explore a particular area of autonomic computing in more depth than covered in the class presentations and reading assignments.  Each student is requested to write a term paper, which will contribute 25% toward your final grade.

Your term paper can take one of two forms:
  1. Comparation of Existing Contributions: A critical comparison of different approaches to addressing a particular problem, of your choosing, in autonomic computing.  You should compare at least two different approaches, and should cite all closely related papers. 
  2. Research Report: A description of new research you have conducted.  The work may extend an ongoing effort related to a funded project (but should clearly identify how the project goes beyond otherwise planned activities) and should obviously addresss some aspect of autonomic computing.
Format and Length:  Your paper should be formatted according to IEEE Proceedings guidelines (instructions in  pdf and  ps ; here are the Latex macros and a Word template) and should be at least 5 but no more than 7 pages long,  including title and abstract, but excluding references.


1. Proposal due March 20
Please  write a 300-word proposal describing the topic for your term paper and, most importantly, citing the key papers that you plan to review and compare or, in the case of a research report, key related work.   The proposal should present a clear description of the area and its importance to autonomic computing. In the case of a comparison paper, the proposal should briefly outline the major approaches to be compared.  In the case of a research report, the proposal should briefly review the project (preliminary work, planned approach, expected contributions).
2. Final paper due in my office 5pm, Tuesday, May 1.