Sample additive score file

Additive synthesis
My part of 1st project is additive synthesis which works by adding together sinusoids to make a sound. This technique creates timbre.
Harmonic additive synthesis is related to the concept of a Fourier series which is a way of expressing a periodic function as the sum of sinusoidal functions. 
This synthesis has five of kinds features; Polyphony, Glissando, Sound cross-fading, Envelope generation and Vibrato.

The Additive synthesis is composed of additive factory class, sine wave function class and Instrument class. 
CAdditiveInstrument inherits from CInstrument. In CAdditiveInstrument the SetNote function can read each note value through the XML file. 
The each note can have the amplitude value by passing m_sinewave pointing (member value of CAllSines class). 

I had problem on calling amplitude values( m_amp[i] ) which are 'a1', 'a2', 'a3? a8' values from AllSines class. 
I implemented the vibrato on AllSines source file, but the amplitude value is not variable. 
The vibrato is a musical effect where the frequency of the note is varied repeatedly up and down.
Additive synthesis specifics
void SetFreq(double f) {m_sinewave->SetFreq(f);}
-The frequency value can be decided by XML value which is already saved in Note.h file.
void SetAmplitude(int i, double d) {m_sinewave->SetAmplitude(i, d);}
-The amplitude value can accept the value from the score file tag (e.g a1 = '2.0')
The project has following components:
10 - Sinusoid playback on demand from the sequencer
20 - Definition of all harmonics
30 - Envelope generation
35 - Polyphony
40 - Sound cross-fading
50 - Vibrato OR glissando