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CSE 410: Operating Systems Summer 2016

Course Overview (catalog description, prerequisites, etc.)


Meeting Time: MWF 10:20 AM-12:10 PM
Classroom:       EB 1145

Instructor: Rana Forsati

E-mail: forsati@cse.msu.edu
Office hours: by appointment

TA: Tyler Derr

E-mail: derrtyle@msu.edu
Office hours: Will be announced on Piazza

TA: Tam Le

E-mail: letam@msu.edu
Office hours: Will be announced on Piazza


Lecture Slides


Piazza (Piazza link for the course to discuss querstions)

Handin Web Client (various useful websites)


The course will study:


William Stallings, Operating Systems, Internals and Design Principles, 7th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2012.
Also required: CSE 410 Lecture Notes (materials presented in class), available here starting first week of class.

Tentaitive Course Outline

Introduction  Chapters 1, 2 
Processes, Threads, Scheduling Chapters 3, 4, 9
Memory Management Chapters 7, 8
Inter-process Synchronization and Communication Chapters 5, 6
I/O and File Systems Chapters 11, 12

Schedule and Lectures (tentative)

Week of Monday Wednesday Friday
1: May 16th Chapter 0 (logistics+overview)
Chapter 1

Exercise#1 on Piazza
Chapter 1 Chapter 2

HW#1 assignment
Chapter 2 Chapter 3
2: May 23rd Chapter 3

Exercise#2 on Piazza
Chapter 3 and Processes in Linux

Due data of HW#1
HW#2 assignment
Processes in Linux Chapter 4

3: May 30th

Exercise#3 on Piazza
Chapter 4 Threads in Linux

Due date of HW#2
HW#3 assignment
Chapter 9
4: June 6th Midterm Exam

Exercise#4 on Piazza
Chapter 7 Chapter 8

Due date of HW#3
HW#4 assignment
Chapter 8
5: June 13th Chapter 5

Exercise#5 on Piazza
Chapter 5

Due date of HW#4
HW#5 assignment
Chapter 6
6: June 20th Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

Due date of HW#5
HW#6 assignment
Chapter 12
7: June 27th Overview and Exam Practice Final Exam

Due date of HW#6

Useful Information

General Information (system and software overviews)

Related Links (various useful websites)