CSE 335 Project 1

We submitted the file with 30 items and the project as a total as two seperate submissions. Check in the submission page for both submissions

Group Work:

User Interface:

Ian Ferguson:

Amy Leung:

Marwan Baraya:

Aquarium Game

  • The objective of the game is the maintain an Aquarium.
  • At the start of the game the player is given a starting amount of $20. The player has the option to buy 3 types of fish as well as decoration for the tank.
  • When a fish is hungry there will be an indication letting the player know that it must be fed. If the fish is not fed in the proper time, the fish will die. Feeding the fish is as simple as activating the feed button and clicking on the fish you wish to feed.
  • Keeping the fish alive for a longer amounts of time, the fish gains in monetary value.
  • The player can sell a fish at any time.
  • Another way to make money is to wait. For every minute , the player will gain $0.25. In addition to the $0.25/minute, the player can also gain $1/minute for each SpartyChest they have in their Aquarium.
  • Cleaning the tank is also an option, although it is purely cosmetic.
  • On top of all of the money the player is keeping track of, there will also be a point and level system. Almost everything the player does will add points to the total score of the game.
  • Levels are based strictly on how many points a player has. When the player's score gains, the level increases as well!

  • Levels in terms of points:

  • The thing to remember is money is separate from score. The player can have a very high score but be completely out of money.

  • Fish Life without feed:

  • The best part of our game is that there is no way to lose!