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Resume Ryan Doom - Computer Science and Engineering
532 Abbott, East Lansing, MI 48823
(517) 410-4336

Obtain a position where my management and software development experience can be fully utilized to benefit the company while furthering my career aspirations.
Work Experience
Artemis Solutions Group
5/2002 - Present
Technical Specification Designer
Design detailed technical specifications to guide development

Lead Developer and Project Management
Lead and guide others in the development of client products
Assist in management of development personnel (including an oversea team)
Create installers and oversee installation of products on client servers and workstations
C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, XML Web Services, Visual C++ MFC, UML
Michigan State University
Computer Science Dept.

9/2001 - 5/2002
Computer Science Department Web Master
Developed and maintained pertinent CSE web applications
Sole developer and maintainer of cse.msu.edu
PHP, PERL, mySQL, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop
Neoworx Inc.
5/2001 - 9/2001
Software Developer
Involved in the initial concept through completion of the GUI for a production software firewall (NeoWatch which is now McAfee's firewall)
Worked with graphic design team to create images to be used in the product
Programmed the front end user interface of the software
Visual Studio 6.0 MFC C++
Michigan State University
Computer Science Dept.

9/2000 - 5/2001
Facility Administrator
Lead manager of the CSE secure web server
Worked with a team of 8 to manage 200+ workstations and 20+ servers
Debian, Solaris, Windows 2000, IIS, Apache, SFTP, SSH, PHP, mySQL
Student Technical Support
Troubleshoot student problems with the network and system accounts
Neoworx Inc.
5/2000 - 9/2000
Web Master and Intranet Programmer
Designed web applications to improve productivity for clients and employees
Developed a complete ecommerce shopping cart in asp for real time ordering
Developed systems to track internal sales, shipping, downloads and site traffic
ASP, MS Access, SQL Server, IIS
Lucid Fx
1/1999 - Present
Self Employed Consultant
Developed numerous e-commerce and content management systems
Programmed software to manage customers, integrate legacy systems and more
Visit www.lucidfx.com to find out more about my consulting projects
Michigan State University
8/1999 - Present
Computer Science and Engineering
GPA 3.3/4.0 (Deans List and Honor Roll)
Major: Computer Science (Engineering College)
Cognate: Telecommunications
Relevant Courses: C++ I&II, Data Structures, Assembly, Architecture, Computer Graphics (openGL), Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Calculus I&II&III, Linear Algebra, Physics I&II.
Microsoft Certification
Microsoft Certified Professional
Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Microsoft Certification
Pending Completion
Microsoft Certified Applications Developer
Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) credential which provides industry recognition for professional developers who build powerful applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and XML Web services.
Woodhaven High School
8/1995 - 6/1999
GPA 3.98/4.0 (Cum Laude, Honor Roll, National Honor Society)
Relevant Courses: Intro to PASCAL, AP Computers PASCAL, AP Computers C++, AP Calculus and Physics.

Industry Skills
Skill Name Skill Level Experience
C++ Advanced 5 years
Visual C++ MFC Advanced 2 years
C# & ASP.NET Intermediate 1 year
.NET Web Services Intermediate year
Java Beginner year
PHP Expert 3 years
ASP Intermediate 2 years
XML Intermediate year
Sql Server/mySQL/... Advanced 3 years
Graphics Design Advanced 5+ years
OpenGL Beginner year
Web Design Expert 5+ years
Flash 3/4/5 Expert 3 years
Final Cut Beginner year
IIS and Windows Services Advanced 4+ years
Windows 9X-.NET beta Expert 5+ years
Solaris/Linux Intermediate 4 years
Networking Advanced 4 years

Monster.com is my favorite online job search engine. My freshmen year I used it and had lots of bites.

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I have worked at neoworx the last two summers and I can't imagine a cooler place to work. Who wouldn't want to code firewalls all day?
How many people can say they are a webmaster for a big ten university's cse dept? Well I can.