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Because my research is interdisciplinary, I publish across a variety of venues with different norms and conventions. In the interest of providing clear context for these publications, I'm experimenting with using the following symbols to give more information:


Peer-reviewed papers

Peer-reviewed Extended Abstracts

These are short (usually 2-page) summaries of research published (or to be published) elsewhere. They are generally held to the same (or sometimes slightly lower) peer-review standards as full papers submitted to the same venue.

  • Emily Dolson and Charles Ofria. (In review). Synthesizing Research on the Generation and Maintenance of Population Diversity. Submitted to Artificial Life 2018.

  • Michael Wiser, Emily Dolson, Anya Vostinar, Richard Lenski, and Charles Ofria. (In review). Measuring Open-Endedness: Bounded vs. Unbounded Fitness Growth. Submitted to Artificial Life 2018.

  • Emily Dolson and Charles Ofria. (In press). Ecological theory provides insights about evolutionary computation. In GECCO ’18 Companion: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion, July 15–19, 2018. DOI: 10.1145/3205651.3205780.

  • Anya Vostinar, Emily Dolson, Michael Wiser, and Charles Ofria. Identifying Necessary Components for Open-Ended Evolution. Second workshop on Open-Ended Evolution. Artificial Life XV, 2016.

Book chapters

For the time being, these are all work I have presented at Genetic Programming in Theory and Practice, a small, invitation-only conference where proceedings are published as book chapters following discussion and comments from other attendees.