Blog Posts

I love reading scientific blogs! Sometimes I write posts of my own. Here are links to most of them:

  • Fun with GECCO 2014, ALife 2014, and Zotero Paper Machines
    I used the Zotero Paper Machines add-on to explore the proceedings of GECCO 2014 and ALife 2014 and draw some comparisons.

  • Making Efficient Animations in Matplotlib with Blitting
    Matplotlib is a powerful Python library for scientific visualizations. It has an animation module, but the documentation for this module is not great. The blitting feature is critical to making animations that render in a reasonable amount of time. Here, as a future note to myself and others, I explain how to use it.

  • Spatial Co-Evolution in Age-Layered Planes
    In this post on the Devolab blog, I summarize Robin Harper’s paper on his Spatial Co-evolution in Age-Layered Planes algorithm, which curbs both code bloat and overfitting in genetic programming.

  • An Academic Christmas Carol
    For the 2014 holidays on the Devolab blog, I adapted A Christmas Carol to an academic setting in which it highlights the importance of work/life balance and open science.

  • Building an Inclusive Departmental Community {Paper Summary}
    In this post on the Devolab blog, I summarize a paper by members of the Swarthmore College Computer Science Department summarizing the measures they have taken to build an inclusive departmental community and documenting their efficacy (spoiler warning: it worked!).

  • Finding Your Perfect Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
    Finding a graduate program that is a good fit for interdisciplinary research interests can be challenging. In this post on the Devolab blog, I attempt to make it a little more approachable by sharing what techniques ultimately worked for me.

  • BEACON Researchers at Work: Spatial Dynamics of Evolution
    In this post for the BEACON blog, I discuss why spatial dynamics are relevant to study in digital environments, and how I became interested in them in the first place.