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Incorporating Technology in Your Teaching

Incorporating Technology in Your Teaching

Workshop Attended: Certification in College Teaching: Incorporating Technology into your Teaching
Date: 11 May 2017

Description of Competency

There are many different tools that can be used in the classroom. Properly used, they can be invaluable for helping students learn, but using technology haphazardly or just because it is cool is a waste of time and resources. Both older and newer technologies have their places and knowing when each is appropriate is important.


Below are notes taken at the workshop.

What skills and techniques did I learn that will help me become a better educator?

I learned to always consider the pedagogical goals for adding a new technology. It isn't always useful to add technology for its own sake. Don't forget simple tools.

What things am I still uncertain about regarding this topic that I need to investigate further in the future?

I don't fully understand what all of the parts of the TPACK model represent.

How can I apply materials from this session to my own class to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning?

I can figure out what are the things that I want my students to get and then figure out what tools will help them achieve those objectives.


Selecting a technology to use and then seeing what you can do with it is backwards. One should first start with a pedagogical goal and then determine what tools could be used to meet the objective. Using a new technology for its own sake is counterproductive as time and energy must be spent setting up and using the technology.

In my discrete mathematics class, we calculate the probability of being dealt certain Poker hands during our combinatorics unit. Since some of the students are not familiar with Poker or card games in general I got a deck of giant playing cards. This makes it easier for them to understand the types of hands since they can actually see the different ranks and suits and I can show them examples of what does and does not count for particular hands.