Ideas, Fall 2018

How to find papers for presentation?

For papers to summarize and discuss in a presentation you can make use of the resources of the library. The default would be the GECCO proceedings series, which is published by ACM since 2005. Head to the ACM's digital library to find recent papers there. GECCO has been published since 1999, but you would need to dig a bit deeper to find earlier proceedings (published by Springer and Morgan Kaufmann). For a quick overview, you can check tables of content at dblp.

Other proceedings are from the annual IEEE CEC Conference, as well as from the PPSN and EvoStar series of conference proceedings. There is also some workshop proceedings, like the biannual FOGA Workshop, or the annual GPTP Workshop proceedings. Those are more in-depth papers, but sometimes that can be useful to understand a particular contribution.

If interested in a particular theme, you can also use Google Scholar to find relevant papers.

How to find a good project?

This is a more difficult question. First off, you need to figure out whether you want to go it alone or you want to work with someone else. Teams of 2 students could work on one project, and often it is really helpful to have someone to bounce off ideas and discuss problems. If you go for a team, make sure that both of you have a genuine interest in the project topic, and both put in equal work in making it a success.

Often, a good starting point for finding a project is your own graduate work. Ask yourself, where an Evolutionary Computation approach would fit into your area of research. Then check the relevant literature, and find an angle on it that hasn't been taken yet or that would be particularly helpful to your own work. Maybe you have a couple of ideas. Brainstorm with your team-mate to prioritize and select the one you both find most interesting.

Keep in mind that I have to approve your project selection.

Spend enough time with your project, and do not procrastinate until the last minute.
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