Schedule (Spring 2018)

All deadlines are at 10pm on the date listed. This includes both homeworks and projects.

Dates subject to change, but if a change is made, an announcement will be made in class or via Piazza.

Weekly homework will be always be distributed on Friday nights and due the following Thursday. Weeks without homework are marked on the schedule.

There is a 2 day late period for Projects (see syllabus).

Honors Project

There are two options for the honors project. The boring one is to do the "Project Honors" on Mimir. It builds on your Project 3 solution and has you add some additional features.

The other option is to propose a project. Something involving the use of databases in a applied/practical manner. For instance, using databases in an unrelated research project you are doing. Or, making use of a database to manage a complex dataset. Something that at least requires 5-10 hours of work focused on building/using the database. I prefer this one as it is likely more useful for your future. Generally, as long as we both agree on the requirements beforehand, I'm open to proposals.

Note: To receive the honors option, you will need to earn a 3.5 or a 4.0 in the class as well.

Week (Date) Link to Videos Project Due Dates Notes
1 (2018-01-08) Course Overview, Schemas and File Formats Project 0 is released. Homework #0 (not worth any points) is due on Thursday at 10pm (2018-01-11). Video instruction here ( here ).
2 (2018-01-15) Basic SQL (Create, Insert, Select) Project 0 is due Tuesday (2018-01-16). Project 1 is released.
3 (2018-01-22) Filters, Constraints and Joins Project 1 is due Tuesday (2018-01-23). Project 2 is released.
4 (2018-01-29) Update, Delete, Union, Dates and Times, Foreign Keys, and Checks
5 (2018-02-05) Triggers, Views, Indices, Stored Procedures, CASE, Functions, Aggregates, Collations, Adapters and Converters Project 2 is due on 2018-02-06. Project 3 is released.
6 (2018-02-12) Transations and Schedules
7 (2018-02-19) Locks and Rollbacks
8 (2018-02-26) Optimistic Scheduling
Spring Break (2018-03-05) No Content No homework due this week.
9 (2018-03-12) Entity-Relationship Diagrams Project 3 is due on 2018-03-13. Project 4 is released.
10 (2018-03-19) Normal Forms
11 (2018-03-26) Exam Details Exam on 2017-03-29 (see details link)
12 (2018-04-02) Indices, B+ Trees, Hashtables, and Bitmaps Project 4 is due on 2018-04-03. Project 5 is released.
13 (2018-04-09) Distributed Databases, Distributed Transactions, and RAID
14 (2018-04-16) NOSQL Overview, MongoDB, other NoSQL Databases Project 5 is due on 2018-04-17. Project 6 is released.
15 (2018-04-23) Big Data, Hadoop, Security, and Authorization
Finals Week (2018-04-30) No Content This Week Project 6 is due on 2018-05-01. No Final Exam