Exam Policy (Spring 2018)

In Person Paper Exam

2-Hour Exam: 2018-03-29 6 to 8 p.m., Anthony 1281

In Person Exam Review Session (optional)

2018-03-26 5:10 to 6:40 p.m., EB 1145

If you cannot make the scheduled exam, you need to make arrangements to take the exam that same week (March 26th - 30th) with the MSU Testing Office (http://testingoffice.msu.edu/). If you require VISA accommodations, please let us know via Piazza ASAP, so that arrangements can be made.

Preparing for the Exam

At least one week prior to the exam, a sample exam will be released with questions broadly similar to the actual exam. A sample exam key will also be provided (perhaps a few days later). The best way to prepare is to solve the sample exam, on your own, with only the material you intend to bring to the actual exam. If you can't solve a question, come to office hours, or ask for help on Piazza. Only after solving the exam should you look at the key.

Cheatsheets and Exam Aids

The exam is open book, meaning you can bring whatever material you want with you to the exam. Printouts of the slides, hand written and typed notes, the sample exam and key, love letters, are all fine to bring. The one exception is that there can be no electronics out during the exam (phones, smartwatches, digital pets, all go in the bag).

Do Not Answer Every Exam Question

The exam will have 7 questions, each worth 50 points. However, the exam is worth a total of 300 points. One of the questions (of your choosing) will not be graded, you will put a large slash across that question to indicate that it should not be graded. Exams without a slashed question will have the last question not graded.

Put Your Full Name On Every Page

Every page of the exam requires your name. Omitting your name may result in a point reduction on the exam.

This Year's Exams

Old Exams

Here are the old exams from the class. The content taught each year varies slightly, so the exams here may cover material you haven't been taught. There may also be mistakes, so I only include them so that students who have friends with old exams don't have an advantage. I recommend using this year's material to study with.