Week 02

Projects and Git

Git Tutorial

Everyone (regardless of previous familiarity with git) should work through the tutorial linked here (Git Immersion) on your personal computer or "arctic.cse.msu.edu". Although you don't need to be comfortable with everything in the tutorial, you will be expected to be able to stage, commit, push, fetch with your repositories.

If this is your first time using git, I recommend seeking out additional resources regarding git, as you will be penalized if you turn in projects late due to unfamiliarity with git.

CSE 480's use of git

Link to Slides

Solving and Submitting Project 0

Solve and submit Project 0. Link to Project 0 here.

After finishing Project 0, solve and submit Project 1. Link to Project 1 here. Due dates are listed in the schedule.

Basic SQL

What is SQL?

Link to Slides


Link to Slides

SQLite Demo

We will be using SQLite as our model SQL-style database. Although we will be primarily interacting with it through Python 3's sqilte3 built-in module. You can install it on your local computer to experiment with (Download Link Here). The documentation for SQLite is quite excellent, so please check it out if you are running into syntax trouble.