General Information, Spring 2017

Course Description

Storage of and access to physical databases including indexing, hashing, and range accesses. Relational data models, database design principles, query languages, query optimization, transaction processing and recovery techniques. Object-oriented and distributed databases.

Instructors and Office Hours

  • Instructor: Dr. Joshua Nahum
  • Instructor's Office: 1124 Engineering
  • Instructor's Office Hours: Mondays at 11am - 1pm and Fridays at 2pm - 4pm; Also by appointment.
  • TAs: Tyler Derr and Grant King
  • TA Office Hours (EB 3353 Simpsons Lab):
    • Mondays at 3pm - 6pm
    • Tuesdays at Noon - 3pm
    • Wednesdays at 11:30am - 1:30pm
    • Thursdays at Noon - 3pm and 5pm - 7pm

Note: All written communication should be directed though Piazza. You can send private messages or public posts depending on your preference. Emails may not be responded to. Tyler Derr will monitor Piazza on odd days; Grant King will monitor Piazza on even days.

Instructor Photos

Dr. Joshua Nahum Dr. Joshua Nahum

Tyler Derr Tyler Derr

Grant King Grant King


A syllabus is also available. The grading breakdown, course policies, and expectations are described within.


The schedule contains links to the lecture slides, lab exercises, and other class materials. All due dates can be found within.