Week 14

What's up this week

  • Final is May 3, Thursday, 10am-noon in 1281 ANH (regular room).
  • This is a light week, the last week of class:
    • There is no lab this week, neither online or phycial lab. You are done with labs
    • There is no prelab this week. You are done with prelabs
  • You are still working on project 11 this week. It is due 04/23 (4/24 for 50% off)
  • Helproom hours are as regular thru Tuesday night, then ends.


readings . You will be responsible for the concepts of trees, but you will not be required to analyze tree code on the exam.


No prelab this week. We are done with prelabs.


No lab this week. We are done with labs. In total you had 13 labs.

Project 11

Project 11. It is due on Mimir by midnight, 4/23 (4/24 for 50% off)


example code


No videos this week.

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