CSE 232 Fall 2017 (3345 Engineering)

Scheduled Lab Sessions

Please note: students enrolled in CSE 232 have priority access to the workstations in this room during scheduled lab sessions.

8:00-9:50 10:20-12:10 12:40-2:30 3:00-4:50 6:00-7:50
Tue Section 01: Wei Section 02: Jared B. Section 03: Ben Section 04: Chris
Wed Section 05: Josh Section 06: Jacob Section 07: Nitash Section 08: Jicheng
Thr Section 09: Doug Section 10: Jared M. Section 11: Fazlay Section 12: Ali
Fri Section 13: Fazlay Section 14: Ali
Online, Section 730 Nitash, Doug

CSE 232 Teaching Assistants

Jared Babcock babco105 at msu dot edu
Josh Benner bennerjo at msu dot edu
Jacob Bonesteel boneste3 at msu dot edu
Wei Jiang jiangw14 at msu dot edu
Doug Kirkpatrick kirkpa48 at msu dot edu
Chris Le lechris1 at msu dot edu
Jicheng Li lijichen at msu dot edu
Jared McMillian mcmil139 at msu dot edu
Nitash C G cgnitash at msu dot edu
Ben Nwachukwu nwachuk5 at msu dot edu
Fazlay Rabbi rabbimd at msu dot edu
Ali Tehrani tehrani3 at msu dot edu