Week 0

To get started in the course you need to install Python.

Readings from the book The Practice of Computing Using Python.

Chapter 0: The Study of Computer Science
For those who have not yet purchased a text here is a draft of Chapters 0 and 1.


  1. Python
    1. Lab
    2. Start with Lab 0. This lab directs you to install Python and hand in a one-line program. The goal is to get you set up to start the course. You are to hand in the program before midnight on Monday, September 3. If you have problems, check out the Help Room link on the previous web page.
    3. Most students will not need this video, but it is here for those who do: Getting Python (Video)
    4. If you haven't found the link to Python in the lab: get Python 3.6 from Anaconda.