Classes Introduction

Classes allow us to define a new data type and allow us to organize our programs in a different way (Object Oriented Programming, a.k.a. OOP, a class is an object). An abstract data type has two parts: (1) attributes and (2) the operations that can be done on data of that type.

Readings from the book The Practice of Computing Using Python.

Chapter 11: Introduction to Classes


  1. Objects and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
    1. Object-Oriented Programming (Video)
    2. Building our own class (object) (Video I, Video II)
    3. class MyClass (object):
          def __init__ (self, parameters):
              suite-of-statements # initialize attributes
          def some_method (self, parameters):
    4. Making a Clock class (Video)
  2. Chapter 11 Exercises on Mimir.
  3. Lab11 (do pre-lab first on D2L)
  4. Project09