Week1: Beginnings

Before we can get into some "real" programming we have to learn about some of the basic pieces that make up a program. You will begin with short program, and we will add pieces to that.

Readings from the book The Practice of Computing Using Python.

Chapter 1: Beginnings
For those who have not yet purchased a text here is a draft of Chapters 0 and 1.


  1. Python should be installed from "Week 0"
  2. Your First Program
    1. First Program (Video)
  3. Program Elements
    1. Types (Video)
    2. Assignment (Video)
    3. Mathematical Expressions (Video)
  4. Working some simple examples
    1. Arithmetic in the Python Shell (Video)
    2. A program to convert money (Video)
  5. Chapter 1 Exercises on Mimir
  6. Lab01 (do pre-lab first on D2L)
  7. Project01