An algorithm is a set of steps taken to solve a problem. Of particular importance is that an algorithm is independent of the computer language used to implement it.

Readings from the book The Practice of Computing Using Python.

Chapter 3: Algorithms


  1. Some Every-Day Algorithms
    1. Radix sort: sorting a deck of cards first by suit, then by rank (link)
    2. One queue vs. many queues: how you line up for multiple ATM machines
    3. First-fit vs. best-fit: grab the first parking spot vs. driving around for the closest to the Mall entrance (link)
    4. Evolution: survival of the fittest
    5. Arithmetic: long division (link)
    6. MP3: compression (link)

  2. Algorithm Examples:
    1. OKCupid Ted Talk Video
    2. Ten algorithms that dominate our world: List
  3. Chapter 7 Exercises on Mimir.
  4. Lab07 (do pre-lab first on D2L)
  5. Project06