CSE335 Project 1


Team Name: Blinky

Members and their contribution

Chris Jason Benoit: Scrolling, Treasure Chest

Benjamin Thomas Blazy: Visitor, Scrolling, Prey

Seungbeom Choo: Website, Predator

Menus for the Aquarium


About: Shows brief information about the Aquarium

Open..: Opens Aquarium file

Count Beta Fish: Counts number of Beta Fish in the Aquarium

Game: Play the game

Trash Can: Put Trash Can in top left corner of the Aqaurium

Save As..: Saves the Aquarium file

Exit: Exits the Aquarium

Add Fish

Bubbles: Adds Bubbles Fish. Bubbles Fish is a prey

Beta: Adds Beta Fish. Beta Fish is a predator

Angel: Adds Angel Fish. Angel Fish is a prey

Spraty: Adds Sparty Fish. Sparty Fish is a predator

Add Decor

Treasure Chest: Adds a treasure chest that does not move

Chest(Animated): Adds a treasure chest that opens up and closes down and blows out bubbles when opened and will float to the top of the Aquarium

Features in the Aquarium

Scrolling Through Aquarium

In the bottom left corner of the Aquarium, there will be a green box with a black hand in it. If you click the green box, the black hand in the box will shine. That indicates that you're able to scroll through the Aquarium. All you have to do is to click the screen and move your cursor. If you want to drag the fish or treasure, then you just have to click the green box and again the shining black hand will turn off which means the scrolling option is off.

Predator and Prey System

There are 2 species that are predators (Fish Beta and Sparty) and 2 species that are Preys (Fish Bubbles and Angel). The predator will detect the closest prey near it and hunt the prey down. If the predator comes into the certain radius around the prey, then the prey will run away from the predator

Brief Info on Part 2

Make it to the End of the Aquarium

You are the prey in the Aquarium. Your job is to make it to the End of Aquarium without getting eaten by them predators. In this game you'll be able to control the fish (prey) and do your best to doge them predators. If you get lucky, there might be an item that might help you to get to the other side of the Aquarium.

How to play Game

Game Description

The goal of game is to get to the end (right end) of the Aquarium without being eaten by the predators as fast as you can. The difficulty of the game will increase as the level of the stage increases

How to start the game

To turn on the game mode, you have to go to the menu in Aquarium, then go to 'File'->'Game'. If you click the 'Game' button, the game will immediately start with the user controlled fish moving to right.

How to play the game

Like the description said, the objective of this game is to make it to the end of Aquarium as many times as you can. You can control the fish by clicking on the screen of Aquarium. Depending on where you click, the player fish will move that direction. You have to click on right timing and direction to make it to the other side of the Aquarium.


There will be bunch of predator fish moving in its own direction in the map. Your goal is to get to the end without getting eaten by them. They'll be moving in their own direction until you get too close to them and they run after you.


The scoring of the player will be displayed on the upper middle side of the Aquarium. The scoring system is based on the time it takes a player to clear a level.


After level 3, you'll see a animated treasure chest on the map. If you eat the bubble coming out from the chest, the speed of your fish will increase for certain amount of time. After you eat the bubble, you have to click again to activate the increased speed. As the level increases, the number of predators will increase and make it harder for you to beat the level.

treasure chest