Assistant Professor at Davenport University

Faculty Co-Lead: BS in Computer Science, Master of Science in Computer Science


Awards Received:

2014 Excellence in Teach Award (top teaching award offered at the University)

Undergraduate Courses Currently in My Teaching Rotation:

CSCI222 Biometric Fundamentals CSCI326 Biometric Spoofing
CSCI446 Design and Analysis of Algorithms CSCI380 Computer Vision
CSCI410 Pattern Recognition I CSCI411 Pattern Recognition II
CSCI497 Computer Science Capstone CSCI446 Advances in Biometrics


Graduate Courses Currently in My Teaching Rotation:

CSCI728 Design and Analysis of Algorithms CSCI678 Artificial Intelligence
CSCI744 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning CSCI756 Computer Vision
CSCI794 Master Project CSCI798 Master Research Thesis


Courses Previously Taught:

IAAS340 Biometric ID and Privacy Law IAAS221 Security Foundations
CSCI280 Artificial Intelligence TECH497 College of Technology Capstone
CSCI231 Introduction to Programming CSCI350 Biometric Aglorithms
CSCI425 Biometric Architectures CSCI446 Advances in Biometrics