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CSE Colloquium 2012-2013 Yuanqing Lin

Room EB 3105

Time: 11:00am -- 12:00am, 02/06/2013 (Wednesday)

Host: Rong Jin


Title: Semantic understanding of images and videos

Abstract: Images/videos is one of the biggest data in this big data era. How to understand them pose a huge challenge. In this talk, I will describing our efforts in addressing this challenge, walking you through our works in fine-grained image recognition, near-duplicate image recognition (or known as image retrieval), object detection, and 3D reconstruction. All these works have one single goal: semantic understanding of images/videos.



Dr. Lin received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania in 2008. After that, he joined NEC Labs America as a Research Staff Member, working on feature learning and large-scale classification. In 2010, he was the team leader of NEC-UIUC team and the team won the No.1 place in ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge. In April 2012, he became the head of the Media Analytics Department of NEC Labs America.