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2011-2012 Colloquium: Amr El Abbadi
Title: Scalable and Elastic Data Management in the Cloud


Dr. Amr El Abbadi
UC Santa Barbara

Date:   Nov 18, 2011
Time:  2:00pm
Room: 1345 EB

Host: Dr Laura Dillon 



Over the past two decades, database and systems researchers have

made significant advances in the development of algorithms and techniques

to provide data management solutions that carefully balance the three

major requirements when dealing with critical data: high availability,

reliability, and data consistency. However, over the past few years the

data requirements, in terms of data availability and system scalability,

from Internet scale enterprises that provide services and cater to

millions of users has been unprecedented. Cloud computing has emerged as

an extremely successful paradigm for deploying Internet and Web-based

applications. Scalability, elasticity, pay-per-use pricing, and autonomic

control of large-scale operations are the major reasons for the successful

widespread adoption of cloud infrastructures. In this talk, we analyze the

design choices that allowed modern scalable data management systems to

achieve orders of magnitude higher levels of scalability compared to

traditional databases. With this understanding, we highlight some design

principles for data management systems that can be used to augment

existing databases with new cloud features such as scalability,

elasticity, and autonomy. We then analyze several state of the art systems

and discuss our proposed system, G-Store, which provides transactional

guarantees on data granules formed on-demand while being efficient and

scalable.  Finally, we will present Zephyr, a technique for on-demand live

database migration, which is critical to provide lightweight elasticity as

a first class notion in the next generation of database systems. Zephyr

efficiently migrates live databases in a shared nothing transactional

database architecture.



Short Bio: 


Amr El Abbadi is currently a Professor in the Computer Science

Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He received his

B. Eng. in Computer Science from Alexandria University, Egypt, and

received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University in August

1987. Prof. El Abbadi is an ACM Fellow. He has served as a journal editor

for several database journals, including, currently, The VLDB Journal. He

has been Program Chair for multiple database and distributed systems

conferences, most recently SIGSPATIAL GIS 2010 and ACM Symposium on Cloud

Computing (SoCC) 2011. He has also served as a board member of the VLDB

Endowment from 2002—2008. In 2007, Prof. El Abbadi received the UCSB

Senate Outstanding Mentorship Award for his excellence in mentoring

graduate students. He has published over 250 articles in databases and

distributed systems.