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2011-2012 Colloquium Series: Arjmand Samuel

2011-2012 CSE Lecture Series



Title: The Cloud in your Hands – Marriage of Cloud Computing with Smart Devices

Date: 10/18 Tue
Time: 2pm
Room: EB3105
Host: Dr. Guoliang Xing


Innovations in wireless networking technology are driving our increasingly connected world, with mobile devices gaining acceptance for both professional and private use. In the future, we foresee a vast majority of devices relying on cloud services to enhance end user experiences—with services being a natural extension of such devices. In this talk Arjmand Samuel will provide an introduction to Project Hawaii, Microsoft Research’s cloud-enabled mobile computing platform. Arjmand will also be talking about challenges and opportunities in this area. A brief introduction to MSR and its various research collaboration would also be provided.


Arjmand Samuel is a Senior Research Program Manager at Microsoft Research Connections. Arjmand is responsible for building academic research partnerships related to Mobile Computing and Software Engineering. Arjmand has a PhD in Information Security and Privacy from Purdue University. He has published in a variety of publications on topics of privacy and security in the healthcare domain and social media. He has published several patents and contributed to books on access control models. His recent research interests are in the areas of cloud-enhanced mobile computing. He is spearheading the academic outreach component of Project Hawaii, a cloud-enabled mobile development platform for Windows Phone.