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2010-2011 CSE Lecture Series


Title: Is Quantum Computing the Next Big Thing?

Dr. Wolfgang Bauer, Department of Physics and Astronomy, MSU

Date:   September 24, 2010
Time:  11:30 am
Room: 1279 Anthony Hall


Quantum mechanics is the science behind the semiconductor, which is the basis for all of modern digital computing.   Conventional digital processors process one instruction at a time, and so N processors are capable to evaluate N instructions simultaneously. But quantum mechanics also allows us to engineer entangled quantum processors, N of which (in theory) can process 2 to the power N instructions simultaneously.  This is the basis of quantum computing.  This talk will review the basics of this new science and will try to predict where the field is heading.


Wolfgang Bauer received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Giessen, Germany, in 1987.  After a year-long appointment as a research fellow at CalTech, he joined the faculty of Michigan State University and the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory in 1988 and became a full professor in 1996.  Since 2001 he has been chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and since 2009 he also serves as the founding director of the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research.  In 2007 he was named University Distinguished Professor.