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CSE Colloquium Series: Lihao Xu

CSE Colloquium Series

Hydra: A Platform For Secure and Reliable Data Storage Systems

Dr. Lihao Xu

Wayne State University
Friday, April 25, 2008
Talk: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
3105 Engineering

Host: Alex Liu


The rise of ubiquitous computing has prompted the need for ubiquitous information storage and access. Data perhaps is the most precious asset in virtually all information systems. Supporting the availability, survivability, persistence, confidentiality, and integrity of information data is becoming more and more crucial in a wide variety of systems and applications. This calls for secure and reliable data storage systems that distribute information over networks, enabling users to store and access critical data in a continuously available and highly trustable fashion. I will introduce Hydra, a general platform for data storage systems to meet such objectives that we are currently prototyping.


Lihao Xu is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Wayne State University. He obtained his Ph.D degree from the California Institute of Technology. His current research areas include networked storage and computing systems, data security, and information and coding theory.