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Building Privacy-Aware Applications

JC Cannon, Privacy Strategist



In this age of wireless-services, advanced entertainment systems, and intelligent searches it is becoming more difficult for individuals to enjoy the benefits of new technology and still maintain their privacy. The growing concern around computer security and identity theft open up new opportunities for students who want to differentiate themselves as privacy specialists in the field of computer science. This lecture will explain how using the principles of transparency, minimization, and empowerment can be used to build applications that protect the privacy of the individuals and companies that use them. We will look at how to use dataflow diagrams to perform a privacy analysis of applications and corporate networks.


JC Cannon is a privacy strategist in the Corporate Privacy Group at Microsoft. Prior to that he was a program manager for Active Directory. Before joining Microsoft, JC was a software consultant and a software developer working in England, France and Sweden as well as the US. Earlier he did a tour of duty in the Navy fixing avionics on aircraft carriers. He grew up in Muskegon Heights, Michigan and attended summer programs at MSU.