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2017-2018 Colloquium Series | Department of Computer Science and Engineering | Michigan State University

CSE Lecture Series: 2017-2018

Lectures are usually on Fridays at 11:00am in EB3105 unless otherwise specified. These lectures are free and open to everyone.

Spring 2018

Jan 12 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Mohammad Ghassemi
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Healthcare 2.0: Integrating health and behavioral data for AI-driven care
Host: Dr. Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian

Mar 15 (Thursday, 11am, 3105)
Xin Chen
HERE TEchnologies
HD Live Maps for Automated Driving: An AI Approach
Host: Dr. Xiaoming Liu

March 16 (Friday, 11am, 3115)
Josh Siegel
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Making connectivity commonplace: how secure and efficient architectures will drive the automotive future
Host: Dr. Xiaoming Liu

Mar 23 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Vishal M. Patel
Rutgers University
Image-based Crowd Analytics
Host: Dr. Arun Ross

Mar 26 (Monday, 10am, TBD)
Fanxin Kong
University of Pennsylvania
Secure & Sustainable & Efficient Cyber-Physical Systems
Host: Dr. Arun Ross

April 27 (Friday, 11am, EB 3105)
Aydin Buluc
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Scaling Parallel Graph Analysis and Machine Learning using Sparse Matrix Operations
Host: Dr. H. Metin Aktulga

Fall 2017

Sep 29 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Vaibhav Srivastava
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Michigan State University
The Stochastic Multi-Armed Bandit Problem: In Neuroscience, Ecology, and Engineering
Host: Dr. H. Metin Aktulga

Oct 6 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Yufeng Wu
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Connecticut
Algorithms for Genetics: Population, Genealogy and Recombination
Host: Dr. Yanni Sun

Oct 16 (Monday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Patrick Flynn
University of Notre Dame
Synthesis of Realistic Example Face Images
Host: Dr. Arun Ross

Oct 20 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Xiaolin Shi
Snap Inc.
Data Science at Snap: from Theory to Practice
Host: Dr. Jiliang Tang

Oct 27 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Shiyu Chang
IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Similarity Learning in the Era of Big Data
Host: Dr. Jiliang Tang

Nov 3 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Anoop Sarkar
Simon Fraser University
Machine Reading of Natural Language and Interactive Visualization
Host: Dr. Joyce Chai

Nov 10 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Yan Yan
University of Michigan
A Multi-task Learning framework for Head Pose Estimation and Actor-Action Semantic Video Segmentation
Host: Dr. Xiaoming Liu

Dec 1 (Friday, 11am, 3105)
Dr. Jianrong Wang
Michigan State University
Machine learning in functional genomics reveals mechanistic insights of human disease
Host: Dr. Yanni Sun