Account Creation and Termination

Account Creation and Termination

Computer Science and Engineering user accounts are usually created by the second or third day of classes. If your account is not available when you have an assignment due or a scheduled lab, see your class instructor or TA. Under special circumstances, a guest account may be provided until your own has been created.

Which students may have a CSE computer account?

  • Any student enrolled in a 200+ level Computer Science class in the current term
  • Except for CSE 231 and CSE 232, CSE account will not be created.
  • Any student actively pursuing a degree in CSE, CPE, or LBS/CSE, where 'actively pursuing a degree' means no more than 2 consecutive semesters without taking a 200+ level CSE class. Such students on co-op are considered special cases.
  • Research students sponsored by CSE faculty members
  • Graduate assistants in the CSE department

How long do Computer Science accounts remain active?

  • CSE, CPE and LBS/CSE majors keep their accounts as long as they are actively pursuing their degrees
  • Graduates with CSE, CPE, or LBS/CSE degrees keep their accounts for one semester after graduation
  • Other majors taking CSE classes lose their accounts immediately following the end of the class

How does my account get deleted?

  • Close to the end of the current semester you will receive email telling you that your account will disappear.
  • Around the scheduled deletion date your account will be disabled, and you will no longer be able to log in.
  • At the end of drops-and-adds your account will be deleted completely. No backup of your files will be made.

What steps should I take when I receive an account deletion notice?

  • If we have made a mistake, and you still have a right to keep your account, send mail to IMMEDIATELY, explaining your situation.
  • Notify people you correspond with that your email address <user name> will no longer be valid
  • Save any files you wish to keep (we don't keep backup copies of deleted accounts!).

Can a deleted account be re-opened?

  • No. Once an account has been deleted, it is gone for good. If your circumstances change and you again need a Computer Science account, a new one will be created for you.