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K-12 activities

K-12 Activities

Women In Computing workshop Computer science is a field that can match any interest. The demand for skilled computer scientists is high. It is an ideal field for people who like to solve problems and improve the lives of others.

MSU offers many activities to introduce students to computer science and technology.

Future Engineers

Spartan Youth Programs

Community Activities

 Science Day at Woodcreek ElementaryComputer science faculty and students conduct demonstrations and tours of our research labs.

Students have learned about virtual reality, using computers to identify fingerprints, artificial intelligence, and computer science student design projects.

The department conducts an annual research open house for students considering graduate study and participates in MSU Science, Engineering and Technology Day.

Wood Creek Elementary Science Day, MSU College of Engineering Design Day, and a programming workshop at Sexton High School are a few other recent activities.

Information Technology Empowerment Center (iTEC-Lansing)Sexton HS programming workshop

This community technology center will open its doors to the public in 2008. It will offer hands-on activities designed to teach science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills.

CSE newsletter article: Collaborative effort empowers residents

ITEC - Information Technology Empowerment Center of Lansing

Learning Resources

Want to learn more about computer science? Get started with these Web sites!

Girl Scout creates virtual world with Alice

Makes it easy for novice programmers to develop interesting 3D environments and to explore the new medium of interactive 3D graphics. Download Alice for free.

CS Unplugged

Computer Science Unplugged is a collection of activities designed to teach the fundamentals of computer science without requiring a computer.


Comprehensive and interactive encyclopedia of mathematical equations, terms, derivations, and more, for students, educators, math enthusiasts, and researchers.

Annual contest that challenges students, ages 12 to 19, to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive, teaching and learning tool.

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Free, interactive demonstrations in math, science, computer science, and more. Demonstrations range from elementary level to front-line research.